Who are we?

Join us on a tour of our Spanish residences with our ambassador Toon here. 

Our story

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Xior Student Housing NV is the first Belgian public property company to specialise in the student housing sector in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

Within this property sector Xior offers a variety of properties, ranging from rooms with shared facilities to en-suite rooms and fully equipped studios.

Since 2007, as owner and operator, Xior has been building high-quality, reliable student housing for students who are looking for somewhere they can study, live and enjoy life under ideal conditions. A place with that little bit extra, where every student will feel at home right away.

Xior Student Housing has been accredited as a public REIT under Belgian law since 24 November 2015.

Why we do it - our purpose


Xior Student Housing wants to offer as many students as possible a great first living experience.

Xior wants to go beyond just providing the bricks or infrastructure. We believe we play a fundamental role in students' journey towards independence. We want to offer our students a safe and qualitative environment, a place where they truly feel at home. We want to give our students the foundation to succeed by supporting them in their development and their learning journey, thereby helping them be fruitful in their education and their future careers.

As the largest continental European player, we have a serious responsibility towards our students, a unique, future-oriented demographic with rapidly rotating generations and evolving needs. That’s why we aim to always be close to our students, keeping track of their values, needs and expectations in order to provide a great living experience.

Our position as one of the largest owners and operators in student housing enables us to set standards and be game changer for the industry. It allows us to help drive constant evolution in student housing, to provide access to education and housing in a healthy environment to as many students as possible.


Our vision


Housing the future

Housing students means housing the future, housing the generations facing the consequences of society’s choices and actions today. That’s why we find it essential to align with the values set by these students themselves, by doing business in a sustainable way whilst also educating them to do right for their living environment and the planet, so that we can make an impact together. This way, we can build towards a bright future for our students and our planet

Our core values


Xior Student Housing upholds 6 core values, which were cast in the appropriate acronym "Family". 

These 6 core values stand for:

  • F:  Focus on the client
  • A:  Act sustainably
  • M:  Move as one team
  • I:    Integrity and diversity
  • L:   Learn, teach, grow
  • Y:   You can make the difference
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