Xior values

Xior Student Housing upholds 6 core values, which were cast in the appropriate acronym "Family". 

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  • Focus on the client:
    • How can I help? We will always put the student first and keep them in mind when making a decision.
  • Act sustainable:
    • We care for the planet and strive to continue to improve our efforts to reduce our climate impact.
  • Move as one team:
    • We are one team, one family. Together we can accomplish so much more
  • Integrity & Diversity:
    • We respect each other and everyone’s differences and contributions. Every employee is valued and respected for who they are.
  • Learn, Teach, Grow:
    • We learn together, we teach together, we grow together.
  • You can make the difference:
    • We know that every individual is essential to the success of Xior. Everyone brings their talent & makes an impact on our company.
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