Wellbeing for the entire #xiorfamily

A stimulating environment plays a crucial role in promoting the success and personal growth of both our students and employees. That is why we prioritise your well-being and offer more than just a place to live or work.

Health & safety


24/7 availibility for emergencies


In-house maintenance team


Smart security systems



Living & working in inspiring environments

From thoughtfully designed living spaces that promote tranquility and productivity to supporting mental, physical and emotional health, we prioritise the well-being of everyone in our community. Our dedicated teams are committed to creating an environment in which students can thrive both academically and personally, to provide a great first living experience for as many students as possible. 

Our employees are always given the resources and support to maintain a healthy work-life balance. We organise various team events and also have our own "Xiorize" corporate wellbeing programme where we organise various sports events for our employees. 


A safe environment for everyone 

The slogan "feel at home" is deliberately chosen, because at Xior, the safety, comfort and health of its employees & students will always come first. We want our students to enjoy their student time carefree - which is why all our residences meet the highest safety standards. 

Each city has a local rental office that is close to the student and can intervene quickly when needed. Our teams also receive annual first aid training so they can take care of both their colleagues and students. 

View our health & safety policy

Learn, Teach, Grow


Stimulating talent 

To attract and retain talents within our company, we are strongly committed to the further development of our staff. In addition to on-the-job training, all Xior employees have access to our "Xior Academy", an internal environment where all training opportunities, both internal and external, are centralised.

Here, our employees can choose from over 150 different training courses in different areas such as personal strength, inspiring leadership, language, communication, management & teamwork, safety & health, commercial skills, productivity, digital skills, office and much more, among others! 

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