Xior supports 'De Warmste Week'


During the Christmas season, we offered our commercial building located at Antoine Dansaertstraat in Brussels to charity. 🤗
Students from the RITCS School of Arts got granted access to the space to organize a 82-hour live radio event, to raise donations for 'De Warmste Week'. 🔥

'De Warmste Week' is an annual initiative led by various Belgian radio stations, dedicated to draw attention to a particular group or issue and consequently to raise funds. Listeners can make donations or organise their own initiatives to contribute funds.
For 2023, the focus was on "Growing up worry-free" for children, youth, and students. Xior recognized the significance of supporting this cause and therefore gladly offered this space to the students for the fundraising event. 💪

De Warmste Week at Xior A. Dansaertstraat

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