Xior wins Green Cities Europe Award 2023


Xior is proud to share that our Basecamp Lyngby Residence, located in Denmark, won the Green Cities Europe Award of 2023.🥳

A selection of thirteen different projects and recent buildings got evaluated based on how the added value of green infrastructure is implemented. In addition to that, the real estate must support one or more of the five themes of the Green Cities campaign; Climate, Well-being, Social Cohesion, Biodiversity and Economy.🌎🤗


Here is how our Lyngby Residence qualified on these five themes!


Xior Lyngby prioritizes biodiversity and microclimate, utilizing eco-friendly practices such as tree coverage, rooftop solar panels, bicycle-friendly amenities, rainwater management, etc.

Well-being + Social Cohesion❤️

Our Lyngby Residence serves as a sustainable living community for 640 students from all over the world, combined with 150 rental apartments for young people, families with children and seniors. It features diverse residential options, a rooftop park and common spaces. This creates interaction and well-being for both residents and visitors.


Lyngby stimulates local biodiversity preservation and fosters a thriving ecosystem by enhancement through lush planting areas, scattered trees, eco-friendly maintenance practices and reduced chemical inputs.


Our Residence is made out of sustainable materials because of durability, low-maintenance requirements, and cost-effectiveness. Low maintenance plant species are chosen for the low maintenance costs. Furthermore, the design of the paths, with their organic shapes and minimal curbs, simplifies construction and maintenance efforts, ensuring long-term cost savings.


Check out some pictures of Lyngby and of the Award below!🧐

Lyngby Denmark

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