Shares and capital (denominator)

The total capital of Xior Student Housing is EUR 712,351,908 , which is represented by 39.575.106 fully paid-up common shares. There are no preference shares. Each of these shares confers one vote at the Shareholders' Meeting and these shares are therefore the denominator for purposes of publications under the transparency rules, i.e. the notification in the event of reaching, exceeding or failing to meet legal thresholds of 5% or a multiple of 5% of the total votes linked to the Company's securities. Xior's Articles of Association do not provide for additional statutory thresholds. There are no outstanding options or warrants that confer rights to shares, nor preference shares or shares without voting rights.

Shareholder structure

The table below depicts the shareholder structure of Xior, based on the information received from the shareholders (cf. transparency notifications), c.q. public information inasfar as Aloxe NV is concerned:

Shareholder # shares % shares (rouded)
Aloxe NV - Dhr. C. Teunissen & Dhr. Frederik 5,092,498 12.87%1
Free float 34,482,608 87.13%
Total 39,575,106 100%

Latest update 4 June 2024.

1 On the basis of the transparency notification as per 21 September 2022 and public information (including the denominator as per 4 June 2024 (39,575,106)).

Publication of transparency notifications

See below the transparency declaration that the Company has received:

  • ST Holdings S.à.r.l. & ESHF 2 Holdings S.à.r.l. - Notification of 2 January 2024


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